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About Us

Welcome to the Hotel Flensburg Akademie!


Our hotel concept can definitely be described as unique, as your stay has an extraordinary meaning for us and our company. The hotel income is a central component to financing the Flensburg Academy young talent center, which trains the players of the SG Flensburg-Handewitt Handball Team. We are pleased to have you with us! You will find that we have a very special energy in our house.



Flensburg Akademie

Promotion of young talent and follow-up training, dual training and investments in the future - these are popular mottos and slogans in today's top-class sports landscape. We fill these terms with life and rely on systematic talent training in one of the most popular team sports, in a region that is particularly enthusiastic about handball! The concept is already attracting a great deal of attention and acceptance in the sports world.


The Flensburg Akademie handball talent center stands for training competence, reliability and innovation. The athletic and personal development of the talents requires the highest possible quality. We offer this in all areas, create a close-knit social and professional network and at the same time ensure synergies so that everyone can benefit from one another.


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